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Selecting the Right Bonefish Fly – Northern Belize


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Selecting flies for a trip can be difficult and time consuming even though a labor of love.
Picking bonefish flies is incredibly difficult due to the diverse habits and diet of this species.
In the coming months we will be doing a full color feature in Tail Fly Fishing Magazine on bonefish flies for the top destinations throughout the world. With a focus on crab and shrimp we plan to highlight the species and the patterns we make to imitate them.

Here’s a very short preview of the feature coming to TAIL:
Belize – Ambergris Caye (San Pedro) to Xcalak in Mexico
The bonefishing in the southeastern Yucatan can be rough if you don’t have the right flies.
Bonefish here are typically smaller and forage for crabs and shrimp along the reef and in the eel grass.
Dark patterns that blend into the grass are absolutely necessary or you will not get an eat.
We learned this through trial and error and talking to the guides that fish there.
Patterns that are small, we are talking really small work best.
Use hook sizes #6 and #8, on occasion you can get away with a #4 hook.
Tie sparsely if you are tying your own and use lots of dark tans and brown, as well as olive.
Orange and pink flies don’t work here, you might get an eat on an pink fly but there won’t be many.

SALT premium flies by flyfishbonehead now offers a 12 fly selection specifically for the bonefish of northern Belize called the Ambergris collection.

Our AMBERGRIS COLLECTION is a must if you are planning to fish Ambergris Caye or elsewhere in the southeastern Yucatan or northern Belize. You can wade for bonefish along the beaches in San Pedro but you better have some of these with you. The finicky bones in northern Belize demand a compact, dark,and sometimes flashy fly.
These are well tied flies that won’t fall to pieces after a catch. Fish with confidence, knowing that if
they don’t eat these flies…they’re not eating!

We will be featuring more tips for bone fish on the fly for places like, Hawaii, Christmas Island, Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas and many more.
Stay tuned for more info and check out Tail Fly Fishing Magazine.
You can read it for free anytime online