Northern Territory

Destination Information

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Species & Tactics
What To Bring

9 or 10 wt outfit for Barramundi & inshore species 12wt for blue-water species & GT 4 piece for easy of transport Reels : Quality salt water grade aluminium disc drag reel that holds at least 150 – 200m of 15kg backing. Lines : Floating WF, Intermediate WF & Hi-Density WF Sink tip lines will fit the bill. Flies : Clouser Minnow 1/0 – 3/0, Pink Things, Black & Barred 2/0 – 5/0, Surf Candy, Fat Boys 4/0 & 6/0, Deceivers & Bendbacks popper flies in assorted sizes. Good colours include all white, Chartreuse over white, Gray over white & Fluro Yellow/ White, Yellow/Red, Pink/White or all Black. Make sure that you incorporate some flash material into your flies as well.

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