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Redfish Kwan

Creator: Pat Dorsy

Pat Dorsy’s Kwan Fly was created for the backwaters and flats of South Florida developed initially for bonefish. The Kwan is a very effective redfish fly in most conditions. It’s a good crab imitation but unlike most crab flies it can be stripped for cruising reds. Its easy to tie and a very productive pattern for almost anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.
This version is the original but with sili-legs.
We use this everywhere! Tie is small for bonefish and big for redfish.



Saltwater hook sizes #4, 2, 1, 1/0


Chartreuse Flymaster Plus (210 denier)


Craft fur, barred with permanent marker


Pink or salmon fox fur


Tan and brown synthetic fibers (we used EP fibers for the video)

Eyes (weight):

Black or red lead dumbbell eyes


Tan with orange tip sili legs


pearl krystal flash

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