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No Body Bonefish fly

Creator: unknown

This was an fly which had did no name or no body despite having a lot of personality. We named it the NO Body shrimp but it may have a proper name that we have not yet discovered.
Not sure where we first saw it, but likely in the Bahamas.
This is a double winged shrimp pattern with tons of movement. The combination of marabou, synthetic fiber & fur makes this irresistible to bonefish. This is a bonefish fly that moves incredibly well in the water and is extremely light and easy to cast for a weighted fly.



TMC 9395 #1-6, Mustad 34007 #1-6, Gamakatsu SC15 #1-8


mono or Tan Flymaster plus (210 denier)


Lead or brass eyes (small or Medium)


silicone legs, salmon or pink marabou
salmon or pink marabou (as above)


Wing 1: Tan synthetic fibers or craft fur (barred with marker)

Wing 2: Tan rabbit or fox fur