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Deer Hair Puff Bonefish fly

Creator: unknown

This is another of the thousands of unnamed bonefish flies out there which consistently proves to be a very productive pattern in the Bahamas and elsewhere. We call it the deer hair puff because it is essentially a pink puff (pink wiggler) with a deer hair wing.
This might be one of our creations but we are not claiming it as our own (for now).
It is a lightweight, easy to cast shrimp pattern for Bahama bonefish. Pink inside, tan outside, just enough movement and color variation to get their interest. This is a very easy fly to tie despite its complex appearance.



TMC 9395 sizes #1-6
Mustad 34007 sizes #1-6
Gamakatsu SC15 sizes #1-8


Mono or Tan Flymaster plus (210 denier)


tan craft fur
2 options:
1. flash (3-4 stands of pink krystal flash
2. you can also add barring to the craft fur with marker


salmon or pink estaz
overwrap with tan EP fiber brush


Tan or brown buck tail


Bead chain eyes small or medium