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Alberto’s Shrimp bonefish fly

Creator: Alberto Salvini

A bonefish fly created by Alberto Salvini for skinny water situations.
In 1995 Alberto decided to turn his passion for fly fishing into a career, so he began writing and taking photos for several Italian and International fly fishing magazines as a freelance journalist.
From 1996 to 2000 he appeared as a special guest star in the TV Show “Seasons”, broadcast by D+, the first European satellite channel dedicated to fishing and hunting, as a fly fishing expert and contributor.
Over the years, he has become a fly tying designer for the US manufacturing company RAINY’S FLIES, and designer of fly fishing tools and gears for several International Companies.



saltwater hooks sizes #8, 6, 4


6/0 rust


pearl crystal flash
root beer ice dubbing


small black mono


root beer ice dubbing
epoxy (we like UV) (5 minute epoxy wprrks but is not preferred for this pattern)
brown waterproof marker

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